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What is Easyzoom?

Easyzoom is the world's first fully customizable analysis tool by its own community members, starting with a robust and high performing tool foundation.

By minting an Easyzoom pass you both get lifetime access to the tool and become a member of the DAO, also getting the right to take part in voting to upgrade its features.

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Holding an easyzoom pass grants you lifetime access to the easyzoom tool and makes you a member of the DAO, whose participation depends on the number of passesĀ held.


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Easyzoom within our FAQ.
  • What is Easyzoom?

    Easyzoom is an NFT analysis tool that provides advanced analytics and visualization capabilities, allowing users to easily understand and interpret the data. As a member of our DAO, you'll have a direct say in which features we add and how our tool evolves.
  • What are the requirements to join the Easyzoom DAO?

    To join our DAO, you'll need to free mint an Easyzoom pass, which grants you both lifetime access to the tool and DAO benefits.
  • Are decisions made in a transparent way?

    Yes, voting will be made public at dao, each member may enter a number of votes equal to the number of passes they hold.
  • Can i sell my Easyzoom pass after minting it?

    Yes, you can sell your Easyzoom pass at any time, but keep in mind that if you do, you won't be a DAO member anymore losing all its benefits including any future aidrop.